Cutting Board Information

Thank you for purchasing one of the finest handcrafted cutting boards made today!

You will enjoy this finely crafted and highly useful kitchen tool for years to come. Although this board is

truly beautiful to look at and you may be apprehensive to bring a knife close to it, please don't hesitate!

This board is made from solid hardwoods, generally found in North America and from time to time may

include prized exotic woods to accent and please the preferences of individuals that are looking for one of

a kind pieces of 'kitchen art'. These cutting boards are made with a blend of FSC harvested lumber which

highlights the sustainable nature of this product and also our concern for the environmental impacts of

overharvesting. We always use FDA approved 'food grade' adhesives in the making of our products and

stainless steel hardware. Remember, wood is the safest cutting surface used for food preparation!

                                                    Care Instructions

You may notice that when you first remove your board from the packaging that it has an oily texture. This

is normal and you will want to be regular about oiling your new cutting board every 1 - 2 weeks or after

heavy usage. This will keep your boards appearance looking 'fresh' and also nourish the woods used to

make it. It is preferable that natural oils be used such as avocado, peanut, grapeseed or soybean oils that

have neutral odors, colors and flavors that will not taint the flavors of the foods being prepared or discolor

your board. Food grade mineral oil may be substituted for any of the above mentioned oils and will not

damage your board. You may use a small piece of Scotch-brite pad, soft cloth or paper towel to apply any

of these oils. It is not uncommon to ding or dent your board as you use it. Since this is a natural wood

product you can simply use a fine (220+ grit) piece of sandpaper to smooth out this damage, working with

the grain of the wood. You may also find that your board may with time develop small cracks on the face

or edges. This is not unusual for a natural wood product and can be minimized with regular oiling. Such

cracks can be filled with bee's wax to minimize these from expanding. DO NOT place this cutting board

in your dishwasher or soak in water for any length of time. This will more than likely cause irreparable

damage that will not be repairable or be covered under warranty. It is recommended that you keep your

new board out of direct sunlight as this can discolor, warp or crack your board with prolonged exposure.

To clean, simply use a warm soapy cloth, rinse and wipe board dry. Don't be surprised if your new board

feels a bit rough after its first several washings; this is normal. We recommend oiling board after first few

uses to condition board to its new environment and to keep its appearance looking new. ENJOY!

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